Effective Ad Copy Is The Key To Successful Marketing

Internet marketing is not any different to traditional forms
of marketing. It all boils down to communication. If your
advertising does not convey the benefit of your products or
service then it will not succeed. Your marketing efforts
must convince people that your service is superior to your
competitors. The Internet has permitted advertisers to
reach their target markets and secure qualified leads
quickly and easily but the message conveyed by the ad is
the backbone of any marketing effort. Here are a few ideas
to help you put together ad copy which will make yor ad
stand out from your competition:

Including a call to action may seem like a no-brainer but
you would be suprised by the number of ads that do not
do so. In simple terms, if you do not tell your customer to
buy then they are unlikely to do so. If you take the time
to express all the benefits of your service and demonstrate
how they will help your customer and then forget to tell
them to order or sign-up for your newsletter, then your
efforts will be in vain.

People are always looking for the better deal. This does
not necessarily refer to price. It can be a better product,
superior service, and yes, the best price. Your ad must
tell customers that there is something unique and valuable
about your company and what it has to offer. Essentially,
you need a “hook”.

The ‘hook’ may not be directly related to the main product
but it must compliment your overall product or service. If
it is completely unrelated, then it will simply not attract
the attention of your target market. Many companies use the
word ‘free’ in their ads as a simple means to get people
through the door and provide an opportunity to sell their
true wares. The word ‘free’ is a very powerful one and is
often used in ad copy as an attention grabber. In banner
ads and email marketing campaigns, customers may be offered
and incentive to click the banner or link to increase the
effectiveness, or click through rate, of the campaign. This
could be a time-sensitive offer for a better price or free
bonus that will grab the attention of the client and
increase the chance of taking action at the site.

A sucessful ad is the core of any successful Internet
marketing campaign. The ad must immediately express the
benefits of the service. It is a good idea to try and
use your headline for this effect. There is little
point in placing the benefits at the end of the copy
if the customer is unlikely to read on past the headline.
Don’t forget to prompt the customer to take action and to
take it now. If your ad has some kind of ‘hook’ to grab
the attention, has the unique benefits of your service
expressed immediately in the copy and has a clear call
for the customer to take action, then it is likely you
will get the results that you are looking for
— more sales!

Desmond Mantor is the Marketing Manager for
Have Traffic
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