Don Cambpell Discusses The Wisdom & Power of Music

Campbell came to national prominence several years ago as the author of The Mozart Effect, a book that showed better academic performance and emotional satisfaction among kids who were exposed to classical music.


Ever since I was a kid, and in my studies in college, I saw music could be used as a transformation tool. It would excite people, bring them to emotions, and also quiet them down. For 35 years and 18 books, in 22 languages, I have been researching and demonstrating how music affects the brain, the body, and the spirit.

Every person hears music differently and every person can be trained to listen and filter nutrition from sound. Our ears can learn to chew and digest sounds that help us focus, concentrate, and even orchestrate our immune system. It’s not about ‘put on the music and get smart or get well.’ It’s about using the components of sound with active, creative listening techniques. The brain is already a symphony, and each individual is virtually the composer and conductor.

The Wisdom and Power of Music, a 4-CD set (Quest Audio, September 2006), culminates my visionary work. Also my new book, The Harmony of Health (Hay House, April 2006), utilizes visualization, affirmation, and music simultaneously (bundled with a CD, $17.95). The power of music health and spirituality is just beginning to be realized as a science, artfully communicated.

My new company, Aesthetic Audio Systems, is now providing music in health care facilities through the United States. I have licensed and specially designed over 3500 pieces of music for outpatient, maternity, surgical, and care provider areas in the hospitals. Classic, light jazz, romantic, guitar, and specially composed

I grew up in France, studying with Nadia Boulanger as a teenager in Paris. I’ve taught in Japan, students from 60 countries, for seven years.

Plants, animals, and children all respond to sound and music. The only damaging music is that which is too loud—like sun and food. We do not need anything 24/7 except love and beauty.

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