Does Your Website Invite Visitor Participation? Three Techniques to Build Traffic By Including Interactivity

Here are three Web site features to keep people coming back: Free classifieds; Contests (they spell fun!); and WWWBoard (yet another powerful tool).

My wife calls me the human sponge. Why? Because I cannot read enough about web marketing. I am constantly absorbing as much knowledge as possible on the subject. I realize how important it is to stay abreast of the latest trends and technology.

What I recently learned about my own web site bothered me. I learned that it was missing something. It was in need of something extra. I did not know exactly what that “extra something” was, but it was missing!.

From a marketing standpoint, it was clear that I needed something that would keep folks coming back to my site again and again. But what?

As it turns out, the answer was quite simple– I needed interactive content.

Allow me to share with you “what kind” of interactive content is working for me, and in turn, present a few ideas you may want to consider for your site.

I received some excellent (and quite timely) advice from a fellow internet marketer, Ken Smith of Ken designs advertising banners for a living and knows a bit about online marketing. His message went like this:

“Jim, I just visited your site and it is excellent! But it is missing one key ingredient. Consider this: You need an interactive component. Something that will keep people coming back to your site. Have you ever considered a place where folks can ask questions and get fresh ideas, info and feedback. You should put up an interactive discussion forum for all your fellow online marketers!”

My reply:

“Actually, I have considered this but I just have ZERO time to moderate such an area. I figured if I couldn’t do it right, I’d be better off not doing it at all. Any ideas?”

Ken’s wise answer:

“To find moderators for your discussion forum, just mention in your BizWeb Gazette that you are starting a new and exciting interactive forum, and that you are looking for moderators. You will likely have many volunteers (as you are famous on the ‘net now) but sweeten the deal with a little free advertising in the forum itself, then pick the most qualified people.”

Famous? Aw, shucks, I wouldn’t go that far. But thanks Ken – for the compliment AND the great idea. And with that I bring you…

The CyberMarketing InfoBoard! Now Open And Full Of Action!

Got a question about internet marketing? Post it here! If it’s related to cybermarketing, it’s fair game at this new quadrant of cyberspace. Come on by and get your 2 cents in!

I also took Ken’s sound advice and signed on 5 highly skilled moderators to oversee this forum. If you’ve ever had a question about internet marketing but didn’t know who to ask, these pro’s are waiting for you!

Now, this article is NOT simply to announce a new forum! I’d like to help YOU keep potential customers coming back to YOUR site. So read on…

For starters, all webmasters need to answer the following question as honestly as possible…

Does YOUR site keep people coming back?

If not, you may benefit from some interactive content too. It doesn’t have to be a discussion board, just something that will bring people back to your site again and again. There are plenty of other ways to add interactive content to your site.

Here are a few ideas including the “what” and the “how”…

1. Free classifieds: Offering free classified ads at your site is an excellent way to generate repeat visitors. If you have little time to set up and administer this, consider checking out EPage’s classified service provider program. You can add classifieds to your site right away and they handle all the admin stuff. Details are at:

2. Contests: Contests offer something extra–fun! Contests are also a great way to offer interactive content and create an environment that visitors enjoy and will come back to again and again. Although running contests can be a hassle, if you let a company with experience run the show, it’s a breeze! A company called WebMagnet specializes in contest packages and will handle everything from promotion to administration. Details are at:

3. WWWBoard: I now know first-hand how powerful this can be. And adding a discussion forum similar to mine is no longer a hassle. The script that runs my forum was designed by a fellow by the name of Matt Wright. Matt offers lots of free cgi scripts at his site including WWWBoard, FormMail and Guestbook to name just a few. Visit his site and pick up a free interactive script.

Note: If you’d rather not hassle with scripts, you can take the easy way out and order the same web hosting package I use. Just follow the links to the Virtualisys Mega package at: It comes with a fully- functioning WWWBoard, pre-installed and ready to roll.

Do you have any other ideas for interactive content? Why not come on over to the CyberMarketing InfoBoard and share them with us all!

Article by Jim Daniels of JDD Publishing Company. JDD has been featured in major publications by Inc., Opportunity and PC Novice. Jim has been marketing online since the early days of cybermarketing and knows what it takes to profit online. Stop by his site at for some free expert cybermarketing assistance.