Disabled Customers: Are You Overlooking this Powerful Market?

Have you considered whether your business, marketing, and website are accessible to the disabled?

Missing any markets lately? That’s a good question to ask
yourself if you’ve never given much thought to the disabled.
I’m sorry to admit that I really hadn’t, until a client gave me
directions to include a TTY telephone number (for the hearing
disabled) in a B2B print ad.

It’s worth considering that the Internet is a liberating tool
for many disabled, and that the disabled could be a significant
market for your goods and services. According to a spokesman for
the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Accessibility Initiative,
these people make up some 8 to 10 percent of the Web-surfing
population. That’s a big market to ignore!

In some camps, most notably the non-profit sector, Web page
designers are beginning to design for easier access and
navigation by the disabled. They’re taking into account vision
problems, and motor skills problems. And they’re making their
software compatible for the text readers and Braille translators
used by the blind.

So whatever your product or service, think for a moment whether
you’re pulling in the disabled, or pushing them away.

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