Customer Satisfaction Is Your Business

Regardless of what business you are in – you are really in
the business of satisfying customers. The degree of customer
satisfaction you deliver determines the level of long-term
success you will achieve in business.

Make Customer Satisfaction Your Top Priority

Don’t just make sales. Create customers – satisfied
customers. In addition to the immediate profit they provide
on the first sale, satisfied customers help you build your
business in 2 other important ways:

1. They become a reservoir of repeat buyers. For some
businesses that means repeat buyers for more of the same
product or service. For every business, it means buyers for
additional products and services.

2. They automatically refer more business to you from their
friends and business contacts. This is highly profitable
business for you because it doesn’t cost you any time or
money to get it.

Never Promise More Than You Deliver

Never make any promises you can’t (or won’t) keep. Nothing
alienates customers faster than getting something less than
they expect from a business transaction. They won’t do
business with you again. And they will tell everybody they
know about their unhappy experience – causing you to lose
future customers.

Tip: Handle customer complaints quickly and with a positive
attitude. Strive to preserve your relationship with the
complaining customer instead of your immediate profit from
them. They will reward you later with more sales and

Always Give Customers More Than They Expect

“Over deliver” on quality and service. Always exceed your
customers’ expectations. You will win their long term
loyalty. It also makes it difficult for competitors to steal
customers from you – even if they have lower prices.
Customers will not risk an uncertain experience with a
competitor when they know they will get more than they
expect from you.

Tip: Surprise your customers with unexpected value. If you
sell products, include an “unadvertised bonus” with every
order. If you sell services, get into the habit of doing
something extra for every customer or client without
charging for it.

Let Customers Know How Much You Value Them

Let your customers know you are always thinking about them.
Communicate with them regularly. For example, create some
special deals just for your existing customers. And announce
new products or services to them before you announce them to
the general market.

Tip: Convert your customers into publicity agents. Develop
an incentive for them to tell associates and friends about
the value of your products or services. An endorsement from
them is more effective than any amount of advertising – and
it is much cheaper.

For example, reward them each time they refer someone who
becomes a customer. Your reward can be as simple as a credit
toward their next order from you.

You are in the business of satisfying customers regardless
of what products or services you provide. The satisfied
customers you create will help you build your business by
becoming repeat buyers and by referring new business to you
from their friends and associates.

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