Credit Card Merchants: Useful Alternatives

Starting an online store requires a lot of thought and coordination of countless details. Although exciting, the process can be exhausting. The online storefront may be a basic website, but it has to include a reliable method for
processing credit cards.

The business owner has a variety of options for accepting credit card payments. The traditional method is to work through the bank to set up a merchant account. In some cases, the business may already have an account in place for a brick-and-mortar store. If this is the case, the process will move along very quickly. The online account is simply added on and everything is ready to go.

But for new businesses – those just starting out – this is not so easy. The application process and the requirements for a merchant account can be difficult, and the process can be time-consuming.

Skipping Traditional Methods

Alternative credit card processing options give new merchants solutions to the problems merchant accounts pose. These alternatives are easy and quick solutions that are also affordable. Merchants can start accepting payments right away.

Before choosing a credit card payment alternative, it is advisable to explore the options available. Keep in mind that although each is designed to accept credit card payments, some can also provide additional features. Other considerations include contracts, as well as monthly fees and swipe or transaction fees.


Square is a free mobile credit card reader service that works with the merchant’s existing bank account. This means setup is virtually non-existent. The user simply enters basic bank account information to begin using the reader. Besides being easy to use, there are no monthly fees or contracts to contend with.

The Square credit card reader plugs into the audio jack of Smartphones and other devices. The touchscreen of the device is used to capture digital signatures.


Intuit offers a flexible and affordable option with its free card reader. Merchants do not pay a setup fee and they can cancel at anytime. One of the nice features about this reader is the fact that merchants can add their contact information and logo to receipts.


Almost every online merchant accepts payments through PayPal. This is the online standard. And over the years, PayPal has evolved to include innovative tools and more.

Besides allowing merchants the use of the Virtual Terminal, which makes it easy for them to accept credit card orders over the phone and via fax or mail, PayPal now offers an easy to use mobile credit card processing device.

Flagship ROAMpay

This mobile card reader is also ideal for phone credit card processing. Merchants apply for the account online and approval rate is 98%. Most applicants receive a response within 24 hours.

There are no annual contracts to sign and completed transactions are credited to the business’s account within 48 hours. This credit card reader offers impressive solutions.

In today’s world, it is expected that every business will offer a variety of payment options. Credit card transactions should be easy, convenient, and secure. Customers like feeling in control of where and how their payments are processed. With that, online payments as well as payments received over the phone and on-the-go are becoming increasingly common.

Keeping Up with Innovations

Those businesses that keep current with trends and innovative technology stay competitive. Alternative methods for processing credit card payments are just one way of keeping up.

As businesses develop and change, it is only natural that they will have new needs. But keeping up with innovations just for the sake of keeping up is not a good idea. Purchases should be guided by the needs of the business. Whether the need is a better way to process credit card payments or something else, it is wise to take the time to research available options before making a selection.

Besides comparing company reputations and product costs, comparison shopping provides a chance to see how one product measures up against another. This is a terrific way to ensure the product will meet the needs of the business and provide true value over the long term.

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