Media Training with Shel Horowitz

“I can’t thank you enough for the media training. To be honest with you, people had told me that I did a great interview before I went up. But I felt there was something missing and you found it. You raised my interview skills to a much higher level, and I had fun learning. I also want to thank you for creating the interview questions we will post in our media package and in the media center on our website. It’s very clear you really know your stuff. Our money was well spent.”
—Steve Jennings, Executive Director

Teens Opposing Poverty, Inc., Bluemont, VA

2-day Media Training Intensive client

Activists, Authors, Business Owners/Managers, Nonprofit Organizations, Creative Artists:

The media is an essential publicity and marketing tool for you-but is it too scary?

Shel Horowitz, author of five books on marketing/publicity and veteran of over 300 print, radio, TV, and Internet media interviews, now offers media training to qualified groups and individuals.

Shel will help you…

  • Understand the different kinds of media, and how to effectively present to reporters in each type
  • Get comfortable on camera/microphone, and practice under real-life conditions
  • Create the right tone for each interview
  • Take charge of the interview: identify and develop your key unique “talking points”-and understand how to keep driving the interview back to them without sounding obnoxious
  • Create sample questions that help you control the interview and get the message you want
  • Match your message to the length of the interview
  • Determine who in your organization is the best spokesperson for different types of questions or media environments
  • Increase the chances of additional publicity through each interview
  • Locate national and local journalists working on relevant stories who are looking for sources
  • Position yourself as an expert in your field, and secure lots of coverage
  • Develop your own custom media list and cultivate the reporters, editors, talk show hosts, and other journalists who work your “beat.”
  • Know the five things never to do in an interviewEach media training program is designed specifically for you, and each includes lots of interactive participation and practice, so you really get a handle on the skills.

    I thought your media training was extremely helpful. It especially helped to open my eyes to all forms of media, not just print media. I learned a lot about how to handle TV and Radio publicity. I just got back from an interview on a radio show that was excellent. Thanks so much for all your help!
    —Leta Herman, Save Ingate Land, Belchertown, MA


    Your media training was very thorough, clear, informative and fun. You helped our group focus on many resources that we weren’t considering, and gave us great information on how to use those resources well. Your mock interviews helped us with the confidence and focus to go forth and effectively get our message out farther and wider. Thank you for your time, energy, your infectious enthusiasm, and your commitment to grassroots community organizing and great causes.
    —Kate O’Connor, Save Ingate Land, Belchertown, MA

    Dear Shel, Your assistance was one of the highlights in my campaign! I was amazed by your ability to listen and transform my thoughts into a focused message that got to the essence of what I wanted to say to voters. I marveled at your capacity to make the most out of fewer words. No small feat when you have to deal with clients who are rich in substance, but long on words. Your skills in media training, creating great sound bites, and integrating my message from the website to printed handouts to press releases, had a huge impact across the district. Folks who find you–in your professional capacity–will be well served.
    — Isaac BenEzra, candidate for office in a four-county district

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    Note: Shel will work with individuals and groups who share his values. If your group encourages racism, homophobia, war, pollution or similar positions, please find a different media consultant.

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