Choosing and Using the Right Affiliate Programs

Incorporating affiliate programs into your website has
become a popular, easy means to adding extra income to
your ebusiness. And because of their popularity, there are literally
thousands and thousands to choose from. Everyone
seems to be getting on the affiliate program bandwagon,
and wanting YOU to sell their product.

So, how do you decide which affiliate programs to put
your time into?(**Hold that thought till later**)

Not all affiliate programs are created equal. Before you
go rushing out to sign up for all those affiliate links
to load your site with, here are a few things you need
to consider:

1) How Does it Complement Your Site?

Make sure the product you are going to promote fits in
with the theme of your site. If your site is about Pet
Supplies, you won’t have much luck promoting Sports
Equipment. Why are your visitors at your site? Give
them access to products that complement yours.

2) What Does it Pay?

Be aware of the commission structure. Most affiliate
programs will pay anywhere from 20 – 50%. Some even
offer a second tier commission (you get paid for the
affiliate sales UNDER you).

3) Is the product actually Worth Promoting?

Never promote anything that you wouldn’t use yourself.
In fact, we recommend doing just that. Purchase the
product and USE it. What better way to know what you’re
promoting. Quality and price are important. You may be
getting 50% of sales, but if the price is too high, or
the quality too low, there won’t be any sales. You must
KNOW the product.

4) Is the Referral System Worth your Time?

Some affiliate programs offer one-time, one-click
commissions. Others “remember” that you referred that
person, and give you recurrent commissions on subsequent
purchases by the same referral. Of course, these types
of affiliate programs are more “valuable” than the one-click

5) Are there stats available?

Some of the best affiliate programs allow you to check
your sales at any time, with real-time stats. Others
will send you a monthly report. And still others, give
you NO REPORTS whatsoever.

6) When is Payment made?

This one is the real kicker! Make sure you know HOW
often you will be paid, and if there is a minimum
commission amount that you must reach before a check
is sent. Some only pay every few months.

One affiliate program we know of looks great, but when
you read the fine print, they only cut you a check when
you’ve reached $100 in commissions. If you want a check
before then, it costs you a $5 service charge. The best
ones will cut you a monthly check, no matter what you’ve

These are the VERY BEST affiliate programs we’ve found.

**Now, for that thought we told you to hold.. Notice that
we said, “how do you decide which affiliate programs to PUT

Don’t let yourself get away with the idea that all you have
to do is copy a little link onto the page of your site,
and sit back and start watching the money roll in. Yes,
becoming an affiliate of a product is usually a very easy
process. You sign up, they give you a link, and you’re on
your way.

But, that is just the beginning. We recommend you also
read this article about becoming an affiliate salesperson.
It will tell you everything you need to know!

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