Better Than Banners: Google AdSense Builds Revenue For Site Owner

Paying for a website is often the main stumbling block
between owning and running a successful website and
remaining offline. The way around this problem for many
website owners is to save space on their website for
advertising. Advertising such as with Google AdSense is a
convenient way to find quality advertisers and also attract
necessary traffic to your site. The trick is making Google
AdSense profitable for your website is to pick the right
advertisers and to draw the right kind of traffic.

Google AdSense is a large collection of advertisements made
from Google Adword. Over 150,000 advertisers go this route
in the hopes qualified website owners choose their ad and
place it in their site. In a way, AdSense is an agency that
suggests which Adword ads are best suited for your website.
Rather than approaching advertising placements like in a
magazine, advertisers don’t need to be convinced to
advertise in your available space. Instead, Google AdSense
reviews your site and suggests relevant ads. As long as
you’re happy with the suggestions, you select these ads and
place them in your site at no cost to you. If a close
competitor’s ad is suggested, you aren’t obligated to run it
in your site.

Now the question is how do you maximize the appearance of
your site to qualify for the best ads? When AdSense scans
your site, it’s looking for certain criteria. For the most
part, Google is searching for well-constructed, expert
“content” and a low number of broken links and “under
construction” pages. It’s not easy to pinpoint what AdSense
Mediabot is precisely looking for in content since the
criteria changes frequently. The safest way to establish
high quality content is to use lots of relevant phrases and
keywords. To see the latest guidelines go to Typically, all
“questionable” material like profane language or sexual
content is rejected. Additionally, Google Adword adverts
may not be displayed on directory sites.

By increasing your content relevancy, you can qualify for
the best revenue producing Adword adverts. This also
creates a win-win scenario for your website whereby great
content attracts more visitors, increases your position in
the search engine results and motivates your visitors to
click-through ads if you qualify for ads that highly relate
to their needs. Since better content positions you as an
expert on the material, visitors are also more likely to
return. If you’re not able to produce the content yourself,
check out free content and paste it into your website. Some
free content sources include or However, original content tends to get the
best results. As soon as AdSense Mediabot approves your
site, you can start pasting AdSense codes into your site.
These codes display different styles of ads and the ad.
Some styles that traditionally get the most click-throughs
are “leader board” and “skyscraper”. Many experts think
this approach to content and advertising is hurting the
integrity of web content and advertising. However, other
experts claim this approach actually helps visitors truly
get what they’re searching for.

When a visitor clicks on the ad, the site starts building
revenue. Whether its a penny a click or $5 a click, you can
check your revenue by logging into your AdSense account
online. Does AdSense make sense for your site? Many
website publishers like think so. So do many
small publishers like blog gurus. In so many ways, AdSense
is a website revenue builder that makes your online presence
profitable and affordable.

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