Press Release: Author/Copywriter Shel Horowitz Named One of “The World’s Top Marketers”


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Author/Copywriter Shel Horowitz Named One of “The World’s Top Marketers”
HADLEY, MA: Is the owner of a one-person business based in a quiet farmhouse in rural Massachusetts–a man who DOESN’T want to be a millionaire–really one of the world’s best marketers?

Michael Carney thinks so. Carney has just released a massive 574-page compilation, “The Most Effective Articles Ever–From The World’s Top Marketers.” He gathered contributions from 71 people, asking each for their most effective article–the one with their core ideas–and a little blurb about why the article worked so well. The book contains articles by many well-known authors: Andy Bourland, formerly of ClickZ…Audri Lanford, founder of…Bob Bly, author of numerous books on copywriting…ultimate self-promoter Raleigh Pinsky…Prominent authors Stan Rapp (“Maximarketing”) and Jack Trout (“Positioning”)…mail order millionaires Melvin Powers and Jeffrey Lant…Internet marketing guru Yanik Silver…self-publishing legend Marilyn Ross…and Shel Horowitz.

Horowitz has built an international copywriting career advising clients about the cheapest and most effective ways to promote their products and services. He is the author of three books on low-cost marketing, most recently “Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World.” His copywriting and marketing clients have included a martial arts organization in Japan, a software consultant in Belgium, a nutritional supplement company in England, and authors, publishers, retailers, service providers, and dotcommers on three continents. He has been covered in Entrepreneur, Fortune Small Business, Inc, Woman’s Day, and many other media, and has spoken to several national conferences. Horowitz is available for interviews.

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