Are You Still Struggling to Get Your Book Done?

Publishing consultant Shel Horowitz can help you!

There are four paths to publishing a book, and different paths are right for different books. Each of these has advantages, disadvantages, and booby-traps. Shel will help you navigate these tricky waters and emerge with a book you can be proud of!

Shel Horowitz can help you …

  • Get your ideas out of your brain and into a manuscript
  • Organize and polish that manuscript until it’s as good as it can be
  • Guide you through the entire publishing process—no matter which of the four models is right for your book
  • Develop a custom marketing strategy for your book and write the sales letters, press releases, sell sheets, and web page copy to carry that strategy out
  • Make sure editing and production standards are as good as or better than books coming from traditional publishers, so that your book can compete in today’s crowded marketplace

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Such a splendid book! You’re the co-author of my dreams….I like how your mind works—exemplary in a co-author. I’m glad you’re such a busy, energetic, and well-known (and respected) guerrilla. You are behaving like the world-class guerrilla that you are. I’m very pleased at what you’re doing and extremely proud of you personally [regarding marketing efforts for the book launch].

You’re the first co-author who has asked [about including booking information in the book for Jay’s speaking]. Thank you for walking the walk.
—Jay Conrad Levinson (1933-2013), “Father of Guerrilla Marketing” and co-author with Shel of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet (John Wiley & Sons, 2010)

(For this project, Shel not only wrote the majority of the book, but also secured the publishing contract with Wiley and negotiated better terms…wrote the marketing plan, back cover, and press releases…came up with the main title…brought in an A-list celebrity to write the foreword…negotiated an audio-rights contract…brought in more than 50 prepublication endorsements…orchestrated a publicity and marketing campaign that resulted in more than one million exact-match hits on Google for “Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green” within a month of publication. The book achieved a #1 category rank on for two different months, and appeared on the category best-seller list at least 15 months.)

Take as much or as little advantage as you want of Shel’s expertise—from a quick one-hour consult on up to complete project management that turns your unedited manuscript into a beautiful finished book.

As a book publishing consultant and packager, Shel can help you choose the right publishing path(s) for your particular book, guide you at every step of the way, and ensure that both the content and production of your book are elegant and marketable.

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Shel will either personally handle or steer you to top-quality, affordable providers for every service necessary to professionally complete and market your book. Shel can do as much or as little of the following as makes sense for you and your book:

For Any Publishing Model

  • Edit your manuscript for clarity and content
  • Locate a skilled copyeditor and/or proofreader
  • Help you determine whether to seek a traditional publisher, start your own publishing company, work with a subsidy publisher, or publish exclusively in electronic format
  • Identify and contact possible endorsers and book reviewers
  • Write a detailed marketing plan, individualized to your book and your own strengths and preferences as a book promoter
  • Secure strong Internet domains and develop a Web presence to effectively market your bookIf Publishing Traditionally
  • Write you a professional, competitive book proposal, including a detailed analysis of the market, (bookstore and special sales potential, competing titles, spin-offs and sequels, the strength of your own “platform,” potential for subsidiary rights, etc.)
  • In some cases, recommend appropriate agents and publishing houses to query
  • Represent your book at Book Expo America, the largest book-industry trade event in the United States
  • Review your contract and suggest improvementsIf Self-Publishing
  • Choose a suitable company name and domain name(s)
  • Locate skilled, experienced, and affordable professionals to handle your book’s cover design and interior design, coordinate printing, prepare an index, and/or prepare a publisher’s Cataloging In Publication data block
  • Help you obtain your ISBN block, Books in Print and Library of Congress Registrations, etc.
  • Negotiate on your behalf with book clubs, foreign publishers, magazines and others who might purchase subsidiary rights
  • Identify and contact potential distributors and wholesalers
  • Prepare and evaluate printing bids for advance galleys and final copies using either digital and/or offset technology, as appropriateIf Subsidy-Publishing
  • Recommend appropriate subsidy publishers who won’t rip you off
  • Locate skilled, experienced, and affordable professionals to handle your book’s cover design and interior design, coordinate printing, prepare an index, and/or prepare a publisher’s Cataloging In Publication data block (in most cases, greatly improving upon the quality of work you would get from the subsidy presses)
  • Work with the company’s Marketing Department to make sure you’re taking full advantage of appropriate and effective promotional opportunitiesClick here to contact Shel to get started, or for more information.

    Ten-book author Shel Horowitz has published five books with royalt-paying publishers: Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World (Morgan James, 2016); Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green (Wiley, 2010); Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World (Chelsea Green, 2000); Marketing Without Megabucks: How to Sell Anything on a Shoestring (Simon & Schuster, 1993); Nuclear Lessons (Stackpole, 1980). He has also self-published five books. His third self-published book, Apex Award winner Principled Profit: Marketing that Puts People First, was profitable the day the presses rolled thanks to a corporate sale, and has been resold to publishers in Mexico and India. A later self-published book, Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers, was co-published by his own imprint and the subsidy publisher Infinity, after an Infinity senior executive begged Shel to let him publish it at no cost (Shel gave Infinity the bookstore channel).

    A marketing/publishing consultant and copywriter who walks authors and independent publishers through the publishing and marketing process, Shel makes sure his authors make intelligent, cost-effective choices in publishing and marketing their books. He is an expert on how business can create and market profitable products and services that help turn hunger and poverty into sufficiency, war into peace, and catastrophic climate change into planetary balance.