Are You Earning the Respect of Your Readers?

Are you earning the respect of your readers?

Regardless of whether you write about Multi-Level Marketing
or selecting the best toaster for the money, your primary
objective should be to educate and enhance the reader’s
knowledge by using your particular expertise on a specific

When you make this your primary goal when you write and
submit articles, you will undoubtedly earn the respect of
your targeted reader. You’ll provide them with a great user
experience and leave them with a longer-lasting positive
impression that will force them to want more.

Surprisingly, many authors don’t realize this simple truth.
They submit articles without considering the reader first.
This results in keyword-stuffed derivative content that is
not only hard to read but also holds no value for the

At, we firmly believe that the
reader’s experience should come first and foremost in your
mind anytime you write an article.

So we’ve come up with (3) tips that will help steer you to
making reader-centric decisions when writing your articles.
Understanding these concepts will bring you one step closer
to earning your reader’s reader.

1. Inform the Reader (It’s not called “Informative Content”
for nothing!)

Don’t provide basic knowledge on your subject that any 5
year-old could spit out just to promote your site. You need
to challenge your reader. Prove your expertise on the
subject by keeping them engaged with entertaining and
thought-provoking content related to the subject – content
that few people know.

2. Don’t Insult the Reader’s Intelligence (You are not
automatically smarter than the reader!)

When writing an article, do not think that just because you
are the author and they are the reader, that they will
believe anything you tell them. Writing an article does not
give you permission to make things up just to validate your

You never want to insult the reader’s intelligence by
trying to convince them of something that doesn’t have any
factual grounds just to get your idea or product across. In
other words, don’t say that there is a scientific study
that says 97% of the world’s population prefers herbal
remedies over visiting a doctor when you know that the
information is false and there was no such study done. Or
don’t say you’re a doctor just so the reader takes you more

Remember, you obviously have key information that they can
benefit from or you wouldn’t be submitting an article in
the first place. Use your writing skills and experience to
win them over, not false titles and fictional attributions.

3. Don’t Stop With the Article (The user experience goes on
long after the words are read.)

So, you’ve written a great article that is sure to provide
thousands of readers with useful knowledge on a particular
subject. That’s great! But to truly earn the respect of
your readers, you can’t stop with the article. Don’t submit
an exceptionally well-written piece only to provide links
to poor websites that result in a poor reader experience.
Your links should direct your readers to websites that are
just as informative and useful as your articles. The site’s
content and subject matter should correlate with that of
the article.

Link to sites that are both visually appealing and
informative. Remember, if they’re reading your article,
they are interested in your area of expertise and what you
have to say, so don’t let them down by sending them to a
spammy affiliate page or a site full of ads.

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Article Marketing is so much more than a method of driving
traffic to your site. It’s also an opportunity to touch the
heart and mind of your reader while also building your
credibility as an Expert author. In the end, earning the
respect of your readers benefits everybody. Your readers
gain new information and insights while you gain exposure,
credibility, traffic and conversions. Just make sure you
keep up your end of the deal.

Now take a few moments to stop and think about what you can
do to earn the respect of your readers. Then put those
thoughts into action by writing and submitting a fresh set
of original, respect-earning, expert articles.

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