Are You An Accessible Expert?

How to build consumer and client confidence by making yourself an “accessible expert.”

It’s all well and good to be an expert these days. It’s a credit to your profession that you know your business well enough to get that particular stamp of public appreciation. The question is, are you an accessible expert?

The fact is, in these days of cold hard realities and tumultuous times, consumers have no patience with huge egos and hard-to-reach professionals. It doesn’t matter how much time and effort you have put into your status. What consumers do respond to is the expert who is friendly and available. If you have spent the last few years working hard to build your expert status, take the next step by expanding on that effort and making yourself accessible. Consider the following friendly maneuvers:

The more popular you become as an expert, the harder it will be to manage the ongoing and increasing flow of email. However, with that expert status comes more income. Use some of it to hire assistance to tend to the incoming email in a friendly and approachable manner.

Usually it’s not who answers the email as much as that the email gets answered. Don’t leave customers hanging, prospects wondering, and leads languishing. As you grow in expert status, grow the help you need to keep your business running smoothly. Lost emails sent to experts give the sender a feel of not being important.

Hard Copy Newsletter:
Everyone has an email newsletter. Break out from the pack and offer a hard copy newsletter as well. It can be offered as infrequently as four times a year. Hard copy newsletters that are informative and filled with resources give the receiver a sense of being cared about.

If email is not getting the job done with a particular client, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone. Voice to voice builds true confidence and that necessary personal touch.

Show your visitors, clients, and leads who you are. A site with a picture of the owner feels more friendly and personal that an ultra-swift website without one.

Tell Your Story In First Person:
Many biographies are most appropriate in a third person format. However, at your website it is more approachable to tell about your experience and background as if you were speaking with a friend.

Speak English:
Don’t show off your in-depth industry skills by verbally overwhelming your clients or prospects. Respect their level of knowledge by speaking clear and easy-to- understand English.

Experts abound in the marketplace, but accessible experts are the ones that set themselves off the pedestal and into the crowd. This is the next step in personal, confidence building marketing with today’s smarter consumer.

Sandra Stammberger is the owner of the Affiliate Support Center, the resource solution for every entrepreneur wanting to propel their business forward. Membership in ASC provides each member valuable resources, information, and tools for creating dynamic success. Visit today at