Are Most of Your Business Cards Still in The Box?

Without a plan to distribute your cards, there’s no
need to print them in the first place.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing all the thinking
about business cards is over once the order is placed.
Wrong! The average person has more than half of their
business cards still in the box at any given time.

Make a plan to empty your box of cards in 3 months or
less; after all, those little cards are your most
powerful marketing tool.

Always carry your cards with you. You never know when
you may have an opportunity to start a business
relationship. Always have one handy. “Let’s see, I’ve
got one here somewhere, no, that’s a card I got
yesterday, no, that’s my kid’s picture, here it is, no,
that’s not it either..”

Don’t carry worn and wrinkled cards. Keep them fresh
and flat. If they look less than perfect, pitch ’em.
You should be able to quickly draw your card faster
than an old west gunfighter on TV. If somebody gives
you their business card, you should give them yours in
return, face up.

Think of your card as a miniature billboard working for
you. Leave it everywhere. More ad exposure leads to
more business. If you designed your card well, your
home address is not on it so you can leave it anywhere
without fear a burglar will come visiting.

Many stores, banks and restaurants have bulletin
boards. Keep a few push pins in your car. Always drop
your card in the fishbowls offering a prize. Enclose a
card with every check you send to pay bills.

Leave one on the table with your tip (as long as the
tip is not embarrassing). Give one to friends. “Do you
have my new card?” Keep a supply in a cardholder on
your desk or at the front counter.

Ask your spouse to always carry your cards, ready to
deliver should they meet someone who might be
interested in your product or service. Keep spare cards
everywhere so you never have to grope for one, or worse
yet, not find one and end up scribbling your name on
the back of someone else’s card.

If anything on your card changes, bite the bullet,
eat the expense, pitch ’em and print new ones.

Your business card is more than a reference tool, it
can be your biggest marketing advantage for people to
remember you and forget your competition.

Don’t take your business card for granted. There is a lot to know about creating and using your business card as a marketing tool. Big Mike has written the definitive book, “Business Cards – Front to Back” You can read all about at 2014 Big Mike McDaniel, all rights reserved. BIG Mike is America’s Small Business Advertising Expert, Celebrated Author, Consultant and Speaker.