Down to Business: International/Cross-Cultural/Language

Culture Clash: The A-Z of Exhibiting Overseas
By Susan Friedmann

Globalize Your Website
By Sharon Housley

American versus Canadian Sensibilities: The Entrepreneurial Spirit On the Remote Frontier
By Shel Horowitz

Cross-Cultural Communication: Grin and Jump In!
By Judith Richardson

Avoiding Sexist Language in Writing
By Linda Elizabeth Alexander

6 Tips To Shock Your Global Customers: It Works for Madonna!
By Laurel Delaney

English-Only Web Sites Can Still Be Successful Internationally
By Thomas J. Judge

When “Yes” means “No” or “Maybe”–Avoiding Cross-Cultural Misunderstandings in Global Business
By Linda McGovern

World Printmakers: A Shoestring Website Success Story, One Year In
By Mike Booth

Bioneers Integrate Technology and Ecology To Re-Create a Sustainable World

Ecological Sustainability – It’s The Big Game

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