Down to Business: Interpersonal Relationships and Family Businesses

Asking the Right Questions
By Liz Tahir

Can’t You See I’m Working?
By C.J. Hayden, MCC

Your Business: Will it Have a Happy Ending?
By Brent Dees, CFP*, CSA

The Most Entrepreneurial Mom
By Shel Horowitz

Show Clients, Friends and Family Members True Love–Not “Fish Love”
By Azriela Jaffe

Empower Your Kids to Manage Money, and Make Them Ready to Lead Your Business One Day
By Shel Horowitz

Power, Politics, Policies, and Purpose: Focal Points of the Family/Business Dynamic
By Shel Horowitz

Ten Qualities Of Healthy Family Businesses
By Shel Horowitz

NOTE: Shel’s three articles above were written for the University of Massachusetts Family Business Center. Click here to read over 70 more articles on family business issues by Shel Horowitz, as well as a number of excellent articles by other writers, at the UMass FBC Archives.

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