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Why is a business magazine devoting its lead section to
sustainability and its closing section to family dynamics? Because
everyone already knows about the importance of the Internet, about
marketing strategies, about sound management. Not everyone knows
about these two areas.

Sustainable businesses treat all systems–including energy
consumption and other inputs, waste streams, and of course the
well-being of their employees–as important factors that need to be
examined and optimized. as resources become scarce and expensive, as
the penalties for despoiling the environment increase both
economically and socially, these are the businesses that will thrive
in the decades to come.

As for family business dynamics…for the millions of privately owned
companies out there, addressing how the family systems impact the
business is also crucial to long-term profitability. Otherwise, the
mental energy and economic capital that the business generates will
be lost in squabbles over who gets how much.

I’ve been writing about frugality long enough to be called an
“expert.” Sustainable business practices and healthy family dynamics
are related to frugality–all are approaches to help business owners
do more with what they already have and replace the idea of conquest
with the concept of mutual improvement.

And now, enough from me–on to the articles!
Shel Horowitz, Editor, Down to Business

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