Down to Business: Publishing

The Year of Female Empowerment: 2017 Book Expo Show Report
By Shel Horowitz, Editor, Down to Business

A Bold Move to Redefine Publishing in Asia and Africa: The Sharjah Initiative
By Shel Horowitz, Editor, Down to Business

Elena Ferrante” Model: How Independent Publishers Excel In Promoting International Literature
By Shel Horowitz, Editor, Global Arts Review

When Does Nastiness Cross the Line From Free Speech to Hate Crime? PEN’s First Amendment Resistance Panel Focused on One Inflammatory Writer 
By Shel Horowitz, Editor, Down to Business

The Best of Bridge: 28 Years as a Self-Publishing Success Story
By Shel Horowitz, Editor, Down to Business

Niching Through the Book Industry: The 2015 Book Expo America
By Shel Horowitz, Editor, Down to Business

“A Printed Book? How Quaint!” Digital Initiatives Push Book Industry Boundaries at Book Expo America 2014
By Shel Horowitz

Digital Convergence and Progressive Politics go Mainstream: BEA 2013
By Shel Horowitz

How Book Shepherds Can Help Authors
By Scott Lorenz

The Floor Is Crowded Again: Industry Professionals AND Readers Flock to BEA 2012
By Shel Horowitz

Create Multiple Sources of Revenue
By Brian Jud

Are These Books Worth the Trees? Junk Food for the Mind Dominates Biggest Publisher Booths at BEA 2011
By Shel Horowitz

Electronic Innovation is turning the Publishing World Inside-Out: Cutting-Edge Business Products at Book Expo America
By Shel Horowitz

Penguin Unveils Social Network for Genre Fiction at Book Expo ’11
By Shel Horowitz

Five Questions You Should Always Ask
By Steve Harrison

Reports of BEA’s Death Were Greatly Exaggerated: The 2010 Book Expo America
By Shel Horowitz

How One Best-Selling Author Creates Her Own Destiny by Following the Messages She Preaches
By Peggy McColl

The 2009 Book Expo America: Report From the Front Lines at the Intersections of Content and Technology

BEA 2008: Booksellers Find the 21st Century

Jeff Bezos Discusses the Kindle at Book Expo America 2008
Speech by Jeff Bezos as transcribed by Shel Horowitz, Editor, Down to Business Magazine, May 31, 2008

“My Little Twin Brother”: Cartoonist Tom Wilson, Jr. on Drawing “Ziggy”
Interviewed at Book Expo America 2008 by Shel Horowitz, Editor, Global Arts Review

Big Authors at Small Presses, #2: David Silverman: An Industry Dies of Outsourcing

Shelly Mazzanoble, author of Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress: A Girl’s Guide to the Dungeons & Dragons Game, published by Wizards of the Coasts

The Past and Future of Television: Ralph Baruch, founder of Viacom and author of Television Tightrope: How I Escaped Hitler, Survived CBS and Fathered Viacom (Probitas Press)

Social Entrepreneurship: Make a Difference AND a Profit Panel at Book Expo America 2007
By Shel Horowitz

Naomi Wolf: The End of America
By Shel Horowitz

Book Expo America 2007: The Year of the Thinking Reader
By Shel Horowitz

Behind the Review Manager’s Desk: An Inside Look at the Book Review Process
By Avon Murphy

15 Creative Ways To Make Money With eBooks
By Cody Moya

Writing & Publishing Tips: How To Get a Top Literary Agent & Sign That Coveted 6 Figure Deal
By Susan Harrow

Interview with Dee Power, Co-author of The Making of a Bestseller: Success Stories From Authors, and the Editors, Agents and Booksellers Behind Them
By Shel Horowitz

Leonardo’s Time in the Sun: The 2006 Book Expo America
By Shel Horowitz

A Child Author Becomes Published at Age 12
By Shel Horowitz

Oceanview Publishing: Starting a Publishing Company that Breaks the Rules
By Shel Horowitz

Don Cambpell Discusses The Wisdom & Power of Music
By Shel Horowitz

Behind the Bathroom Reader: An Interview with Uncle John of Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers (a/k/a Gordon Javna)
By Shel Horowitz, editor, Global Arts Review/Down to Business

Two Bookstore Operators Tell What They Need from Publishers
By Shel Horowitz

What Makes An Article Directory A Great Place To Submit?
By Christopher Knight

What is Creative Commons?
By S. Housley

26 Ways To Spruce Up Your Newsletter
By Marilynne Rudick and Leslie O’Flahavan

5 Ways to Make Amazon Work For You
By Shel Horowitz

Roles Newsletters Play: Who Are You To Your Subscribers?
By Marilynne Rudick and Leslie O’Flahavan

Independent Publisher Combines Progressive Politics, Commercial Success
By Shel Horowitz

Blandness from the Biggies, Innovative Indies: Book-Industry Trends at BEA 2005
By Shel Horowitz

Make the Most of Your BEA Booth
By Dave Marx

Nine New Year’s Book Publishing Resolutions
By Bob Baker

Tapping Into the Economics of Abundance
By Bob Baker

Understanding the Book Distribution Channels
By Jacqueline C. Simonds

Challenge and Entrepreneurship: Starting a New National Magazine
By Shel Horowitz

Between Fact and Fiction—The 2004 BEA Favored Fact
By Shel Horowitz

8 Ways to Recycle Your Book Content
By Jennifer Tribe

Should You Write a Book?
By Steven Van Yoder

Working With A Freelance Editor
By Jennifer Tribe

Four Slices of Book Expo of America 2003, Los Angeles
By Shel Horowitz

Six Tips on How to Choose an Editor for Your Nonfiction Manuscript
By Lisa A. Smith

Author/Publishers: Understanding Amazon Will Increase Profits
By Thomas M. Sipos

BEA 2002: Traffic, Not Trends, in New York
By Shel Horowitz

Barbara Kingsolver, Nat Hentoff, Michael Moore, Rick McCarthy: American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression Panel on Censorship and Freedom Post-911
By Shel Horowitz

Book Printing Just Got Cheaper
By Dan Poynter

Making the Most of Your Inventory
By Dana Cassell

A Different Perspective on Book Reviewing — From An Ex-Reviewer and Book Publisher
By Ilene Barth

BOOK EXPO OF AMERICA 2001: W., Harry Potter, and Dot-Bomb Retrenchment
By Shel Horowitz

Beginner’s Guide to Book Publishing 101: the first steps you should take if you’re considering publishing a book
By Ted Lish

How to Create Book and Speech Titles that Sizzle and Sell
By Joe Sabah

The Last BEA of The Second Millennium: Report on the 1999 Book Expo of America
By Shel Horowitz

The Business of Bookselling: A Report on the 1998 Book Expo of America
By Shel Horowitz

Book Orgy in Chicago: the Book Expo of America, 1997: the largest booksellers event in the US
By Shel Horowitz

Publishing Booklets: Low Costs, High Revenues–An Expert’s Experience
By Paulette Ensign

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