Down to Business: Media Training

11 Things Not to Do When Talking to the Media
By Chris Martin

10 Tips for Building Relationships with Reporters
By Dan Janal

When to Send–and NOT to Send–a Press Release
By Dan Janal

Dealing With Limited Resources
By Ben Silverman

Press Releases: Do You Make These Mistakes When Writing Press Releases?
By Dan Janal

How to Keep Control of Your Media Interview
By Ben Silverman

How to Buy a Media List That Gets You, Your Products, and Your Services in Front of the Right People
By Dan Janal

Media Relations Tactics that Deliver Big Bang for Effort with Very Few Bucks
By Nancy Juetten

How to Promote Yourself as a TV Guest
By Brian Jud

How to Organize A Regional Media Tour
By David LeClaire

The 10 Most Common Publicity Mistakes – Don’t Sabotage Your Success!
By Bill Stoller

What Are You Doing With Your Great Publicity?
By Dan Janal

Attack Reporters At Your Own Risk
By TJ Walker

Classic PR Effort Leverages One Phone Call To Draw Millions of Eyes and Millions of Dollars—Without Even Writing a Press Release
By Frank Zeccola

Nasty, Negative News Media
By T. J. Walker

Five Great News Stories You’re Sitting On Right Now
By George Hopkin

Press Releases for Every Occasion
By Bill Stoller

The Ultimate PR Edge: Getting Reporters To Open Your Emails
By Bill Stoller

One Size Fits None: Use the Right Press Release Style for Your Story
By Bill Stoller

5 Ways to Use Soundbites Skillfully
By Susan Harrow

How to Get the Press on Your Side
By Shel Horowitz

How To Turn A Box Of Donuts Into $1,000!: A Secret to Getting FREE Media Advertising
By Carol Waddel

Can You Network Yourself To Media Publicity?
By Susan Harrow and Mark C. Davis

How to Get Your Material to the Right Reporter
By Paul J. Krupin

TV Reporter Shares the Secrets to Getting Covered on the News
By Jeff Crilley

When a Journalist Comes to Visit–Have an Online Media Room That Works
By Lois Carter Fay

Building a Media Friendly Press Room
By Eric Ward

How to Use Press Releases to Have the Media Contact You and Get Free Publicity in Newspapers and Magazines, or Free Media Coverage on the Radio
By Shel Horowitz

PR Leads Gets Small Entrepreneurs Interviews with Big Media
By Daniel Janal

How to Organize A Regional Media Tour
By David LeClaire

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