A 5-Minute Website Tweak That Will Quadruple Your Subscribers

It doesn’t matter which website or blog you go to–most of them make
one fundamental mistake. And it’s a mistake that can be easily
avoided, if only you did one tiny little thing.

That tiny little thing is placing the ‘subscribe’ button in the
right place. And to understand the right place, we have to
understand a tiny little quirk of human behaviour.


So here’s what we tend to do in real life


Let’s say we’re meeting a stranger. At what point do you give that
stranger your contact details? At the beginning of the meeting, or
at the end? The answer is, you give them your contact details both
at the beginning and again at the end.

When we first tend to meet a person we don’t know, we immediately
give them our business card. Notice that at this point we don’t
know the result of the meeting. If it’s a business meeting, maybe
we’ll do business and maybe we won’t. Maybe we’ll like the person
and maybe we won’t. Maybe we’ll agree to their terms or maybe we


But we give them our business cards anyway.


And we do this action because we’re introducing ourselves, but also
saying that we can be easily contacted. This quick gesture of
giving out a business card, instantly gives the stranger the
ability to get in touch with you.


The same concept applies on a website or a blog


When we put a subscribe button at the top of the blog or website,
we’re saying we can be contacted. But you also have to realise that
your subscribe button is not the reason why the visitor has come to
your blog or website. They’ve come to your blog or website for
their own selfish motives.

For instance, I went to a blog today that gave me ’10 WordPress
Plugins That Increase My Search Engine Rankings’. I instantly
downloaded the plugins, got distracted and closed the page.


And the blog lost the opportunity to make me a subscriber.


And it’s very likely that hundreds, if not thousands of visitors
just like me would have done the very same thing. They got what
they wanted and now they’re off on their merry way.


But what if there was a subscribe button at the bottom of the blog?


Do you think that would have somehow changed my behaviour? What if
there was a line that said: “Would you like to get goodies or smart
articles like this in future? If so, simply subscribe via email or

Do you think I would have clicked away? Or would I have subscribed?
It depends on the content of the page, right? If the contents were
great (and they were indeed very useful) then my selfish motive
would kick in and I would subscribe. But there was no prompt. No
subscribe button at the end of the page. No next step.


And so I left.


And so did a hundred, if not a thousand people after me.
Those subscribers are leaving by the truckload, not because they
want to leave, but because you won’t give them a simple instruction
to stay and join the conversation.


So what should you do in the next five minutes?


You should do the following:

1)You should put a subscribe button at the top of the page.

2)You should then make sure you have a subscribe/take action
button at the bottom and a little teaser that encourages me to


This simple act alone may not quadruple your subscribers.


It may quintuple them. It may double them. Who knows! But if you’ve
got great content, you’ll see a definite increase in subscribers,
that’s for sure.

So remember that business meeting with the stranger? You gave your
card at the start of the meeting. And then at the end of the
meeting, you gave that person an action plan.

You told them: I’ll call you. Or you call me. Or email me. Or
whatever. Without that simple action plan or next step you’d have
been wasting your time. And we don’t like wasting our time, do we?


So there you have it.


A five-minute action plan. Put it in place, and watch your
subscriber numbers go up, up and away.

(Sean’s note: Yes, we take our own advice most of the time. Our
website at Psychotactics.com has a subscribe button and precise
teaser, but the blogs don’t. So guess which of the two has the
better hit/subscribe ratio! Seems like it’s time for my own
five-minute action plan, eh?).


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