9 BIG Ideas for Better Business Cards

Not having a business card is as bad as using an
eMail address that ends in AOL.com
It’s just not professional.

With domain names costing less that 9 bucks a
year, there’s no excuse for anyone in business to
have an AOL.com address. With business cards
costing less than 9 bucks at the big box store,
there’s no excuse for anyone in business not to
pass them about.

Here are my 9 Big Ideas for Better Business Cards

1 – Keep it Simple

One phone number and one eMail is enough.
Be sure to put your website on the card, too.
Some cards work great without a street address.
Do you need it on your card? Why?

2 – Put YOU in the Middle

Your name is the most important part of the card
put it in the middle and big enough to see
without granny glasses.

3 – Stick with White

White, glossy, shiny cards say “Business”. Pastels
and swirls say “Avon Lady”.

4 – Forget the Beeper Number

No need to list cell phones and beeper numbers.
If you want a customer to have them, it is far
more impressive for you to hand write it on the
card (“I’m giving you my private cell phone

5 – Don’t Do It At Home

For what you spend on blank microperf cards and
the time to get it right, you could pay to have
them look professional instead of home baked.

6 – Use Both Sides

The back of the card can be used to reinforce your
selling proposition. Think of your card as a
little newspaper ad. Use both sides.

7 – Throw ’em Away When ANYTHING Changes

Don’t be a cheapskate. Spend the bucks for new
cards rather than penciling in corrections.
Be professional.

8 – Never Leave Home Without One

Always carry a supply of business cards. You never know.
And keep them handy in a ready pocket, not tucked
away at the bottom of a bag, so you can present
one with a flourish on demand. Keep a backup stack
in the car.

9 – Present It With A FLAIR

Practice offering your card with BOTH hands.
It makes a BIG impact. Your goal is to get people
to remember you and save your card. Do that by
using both hands.

© 2006 BIG Mike McDaniel http://BigIdeasgroup.com

BIG Mike is the Small Business Advertising Expert and author of Business Cards – Front to Back”. This book tells you how to make your business card the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. To learn more visit http://tinyurl.com/j6ol3