7 Ways to Think About Lead Generation For Your Website

A certain market is greatly enjoying your service and
products and is waiting for an opportunity to let you know.
Do you have a system set up to let these target visitors
express their loyalty?

Lead generators like search engines and advertising
campaigns are set up to directly pass on visitor information
that can make a difference to your bottom line. Ideally,
lead generation campaigns outside your website sit in sites
similar to your own and pass on your location when a user
requesting information. This increases the odds that these
visitors will have a direct interest in your site content.
Why waste your time advertising with banners and pop-ups in
places that have little to nothing to do with your product
or service? You don’t want to waste your time or their time
with campaigns that may bring in lots of visitors but result
in next to nothing to your revenue.

Lead generation is meant to draw in interested visitors to
your site and motivate the visitor to perform a desired
action. Below are more lead generating ways to accomplish
this goal:

– Map out originality.

Uniqueness makes you stand out. Why would a visitor come to
your site rather than a similar site? Find leads with needs
that match what you offer. Also, toss dated material that
has lost its relevance with these visitors and other leads.

– Think strategic.

Traffic must encompass more than leisurely sightseers. What
does it matter if you bring in 20,000 visitors each day
where only 1% (200) really give a care or if you draw in
2000 visitors each day where 20% (400) are motivated to
purchase? The difference is in the quality of visitors.
When a visitor feels motivated and special instead of just a
number, this customer is more likely to return next time.

– Think creative.

Is your material fresh or stale? Direct mail campaigns
suggest tossing out the old – or giving it away! – and
inserting new, compelling material. You’ll generate new,
fresh leads by giving away old material to markets that may
be curious to learn more about you.

– Map out e-newsletter, e-book, etc.

Readers are highly attracted to content that makes a
difference to them. This attraction lures them closer in
your direction with a desire to know more. The more
relevant your material to them, the more likely they will
come back time and again.

– Map out generosity.

Full price for a new service or product is sometimes a big
turn-off at the very beginning. Until your lead list is
built, give away discounts on subscriptions or a
limited-time free service. Also, sweepstakes and contests
will build leads. Find out gift limitations based on state
laws before doing so.

– Map out plans to repeat your requests.

Loyal customers are OK with requests from you for leads.
Considering how leads keep your campaign expenses down,
loyal customers will offer leads if they get something in
return like discounts or low prices.

Most central to your plan is mapping out a plan to reward
loyalty. As you build a reputation for offering pertinent
information that matters to your visitors, your lead
generation efforts will gain momentum. Why work so hard on
thousands of campaigns to draw in visitors when you don’t
treat each lead with the respect they deserve? If you don’t
reward their loyalty, all your hard work will turn sour and
they’ll hurry off elsewhere in search of the recognition
they desire.

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