5 Ways to Make Bureaus your Best Friends

Here are five ways you can create a great relationship with bureaus.

1. Give your speeches great titles.

Trust me on this – it makes all the difference in terms of standing out in a crowded marketplace.

2. Create a compelling speech.

And here’s your litmus test. Would you yourself pay to hear this speech? If not, move on to something so cutting edge that you are dying to find out what you’re going to say. Then live up to it.

3. Create a visually appealing well written one pager

I insist that copy is king – that it is the words you use that actually sell your keynote. Graphic design is what captures the client’s interest so that they read your compelling words. Good graphic design is a critical part of your package. You hear me? CRITICAL! So is the quality of the paper you print your one-pager on.

4. Let us know what you’ve done lately.

Inspire me by emailing me and letting me know of your recent successes and what plans you have. The one key to your success is your enthusiasm and confidence in yourself and your message. If you’re not inspired, I won’t be either.

5. Look at life through the lens of a bureau owner

When a bureau books Kare Anderson for the first time, she hands over a booking that has come directly to her so the bureau gets the commission – this is her way of saying ‘Welcome to a new relationship.’

Kare also offers bureau or meeting planner – whoever has arranged the engagement – added value by recording attendants’ comments at the convention or by working the other speaker’s contributions into her speech. Here’s a woman who’s built her career by brilliantly building relationships.

Is your material holding you back? I meet many speakers whose materials don’t reflect their brilliance. If you want a quick material review and some suggestions to improve or to see the most stunning speaker ad I’ve seen EVER and find out about the designers, email me at cathleen@speakersgold.com


Cathleen Fillmore, President of Speakers Gold bureau, is author of 3 books and more than 300 articles. In charge of Speaker Services for the American Chamber of Commerce Canada, Cathleen coaches her clients on how to become six figure speakers. To find out more about the bureau, visit www.speakersgold.com. For information on Cathleen’s coachng services or to sign up for her online newsletter, email cathleen@speakersgold.com or call 416-532-9886.