5 Tips to Better PowerPoint

1. Even if you have the greatest PowerPoint slides ever created, the slides are not what is most important. What is “said” is of paramount importance, and that’s why you should spend even more time rehearsing your content than creating it.

2. Plan to give your PowerPoint presentation without the PowerPoint, in case you lose electricity, the projector breaks, or the computer dies.

3. After you have given people a chance to look at the slide, take it down and start talking about a new point with nothing on the screen to distract your audience.

4. If you have words up on the screen, don’t read them verbatim. It is boring and insulting to the audience and you are practically begging them not to listen to you anymore.

5. The slide must be simple enough that if it were a billboard on the highway and you were driving by at 70 miles per hour, you would be able to easily understand it.

Media Coach TJ Walker began media training in 1984 and is the media columnist for Investor Relations Magazine (www.irmag.com). He publishes the Media Training Worldwide e-zine, where this originally appeared. Sign up at http://www.mediatrainingworldwide.com