5 Postcard Marketing Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Postcards have proven themselves to be highly effective for
marketing in the 21st century. But marketers often sabotage
their own success with postcards by making some common
mistakes in using them.

Here are 5 postcard marketing mistakes many marketers make
…and some easy ways to avoid them.

1: Not Defining a Specific Goal for Your Postcards

You can’t get the best results from marketing postcards if
you don’t have a clear understanding of what you want them
to do for you.

Do you want to attract new customers to your website? Do you
want to generate phone inquiries you can use as sales leads?
Maybe you want to get more foot traffic into your store
…or something else.

Always define a specific goal for your postcards before you
do anything else. You’ll save a lot of time, avoid
unnecessary mistakes – and maximize your results.

2: Using a Cheap Mailing List Instead of the Best List

Postcards produce the biggest profit when you send them to
prospects likely to be interested in what you are offering.
They produce even better results if those prospects also
have a proven history of acting on things they are
interested in.

Don’t settle for a mailing list just because it’s easily
available or cheap. The most effective mailing lists
generally involve a little bit of research to uncover – and
they’re usually not the cheapest. But the extra time and
cost involved will reward you with a much bigger response.

3: Attempting to Close Sales Instead of Generate Leads

Many marketers try to close sales with postcards. But it’s a
lot easier to generate website traffic or sales leads than
it is to close sales.

Design your postcards to generate website traffic and sales
leads instead of trying to close sales.

For example, send the readers to your website or wherever
you normally deliver your sales presentation …a
presentation you’ve already refined to produce the most

4: Trying to Say Too Much on the Postcard

Postcards get delivered open and ready to read. That’s one
of their major advantages. It guarantees that nearly every
recipient will see your message. But many marketers forfeit
this advantage by cluttering their postcards with too much

You’ll get the best results when readers can glance at your
postcards for just a few seconds and completely understand
what it says. For example, some of the most profitable
postcards include no more than:

* A short one line headline to get the reader’s attention

* A bulleted list (like this one) of 3 or 4 major benefits

* A brief motivating offer

* A website address or phone number to respond to the offer

5: Not Including a Motivating Offer

Just because you targeted the right prospects with your
postcards, don’t assume they will automatically take action
to seek you out – at least not immediately. Many will intend
to do so later but then get caught up in other things and
forget all about you.

You can overcome this natural procrastination by including
on the postcard exactly what you want the reader to do
…and why they should do it now instead of later.

For example, don’t just list your phone number or website on
the postcard. Specifically tell the reader to call you or
visit your website – and offer them a special incentive for
doing it right now.

Marketing with postcards is a simple process. But you can
still make mistakes in using them that will sabotage your
results. By knowing the 5 mistakes revealed in this article
…you can easily avoid making those same mistakes yourself.

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