Month: February 2018

How to ALWAYS have Fresh Ideas for your Blog

How to ALWAYS have Fresh Ideas for your Blog By Michelle Shaeffer Have you ever felt chained to your blog? Or like you’re in content creation jail? Even if you really love blogging, it can get tedious if you’ve got to sit down every day and publish a blog post. So what can we do to give ourselves some freedom from daily content creation? First, remember that you don’t need to publish every day to be a successful blogger! Yes, during the Ultimate Blog Challenge we encourage daily blogging – but that’s for a specific length of time and as an exercise to really jump start or recharge your blogging. My personal goal is 2-4 new posts a week (when it’s not a challenge month). Second, there are techy tricks and creative strategies we can use to keep consistent content without being tied to our blogs. Here are 10 of my favorite ways to break out of that prison and keep sharing fresh content on my blog. 1. Learn to Love the “Schedule” Feature. If you’re blogging with WordPress you can easily write posts in advance and schedule them to go “live” at the date and time of your choice with the scheduling feature. Here’s a step by step video: How to Schedule Blog Posts in WordPress. I wrote this post on Saturday, July 28th but you won’t be...

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Free as a Biz Strategy

Free as a Biz Strategy By Shel Horowitz Do you offer any freebies to build your business? I sure do! I’ve built my business on giving away vast quantities of information–but through that, selling both information and brainpower as an author and speaker, and as a consultant and copywriter. Google loves my sites because of the thousands of articles (about 2/3 written by other people). People on discussion lists hire me because of the quality of free information I provide. I get exposure for my books by strategically giving away copies here and there, and subscribers to my newsletters through participating in launch-bonus programs. I actually got a book contract with a major publisher because I contributed an essay, for free, to one of its authors’ books. And let’s face it. Even though I do get paid for writing my books, the amount of content I include far outweighs the price, and on a per-hour basis, is not the most bean-counter-effective use of my time. But the books give me credibility in the media…inexpensive gifts of great value that I can use strategically…at least some income stream…tons of “street cred”…something to sell when I speak… and assorted other non-monetary advantages. The point is to do it strategically. To be totally transparent, I am posting here figuring that at least a few people reading this will pop over to

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Market Your Book with a Postcard, Part 2 of 2: Book Marketing Tip, 8/08

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