Month: September 2002

9 1/2 Ways

9 1/2 Ways By Nick Wreden In the 11th century, the Holy Roman emperor Henry IV journeyed to Canossa to beg Pope Gregory VII for forgiveness for his transgressions. The emperor stood barefoot in the snow, dressed as a penitent, for three days before he was granted absolution. Today, the companies requiring brand forgiveness represent a depressing litany. WorldCom. Parmalat. Enron. Capital One. Martha Stewart. Corporate misdeeds hurt not only the companies but all businesses. In a recent Golin/Harris poll, 53 percent of the respondents said they would definitely or probably stop doing business with companies they doubted. If your business experiences a fall from grace, no matter the severity, here are the best ways to regain your customers’ lost trust and loyalty. 1. Be accountable. The first corporate reaction is often denial, or a refusal to comment. This tactic has danger written all over it, as evidenced by a Hill & Knowlton Inc./Opinion Research Corporation survey, which found that 62 percent of the respondents believe a company is covering up if it issues a “no comment.” Another common reaction is to point the finger. Who can forget Ford and Firestone blaming each other for the SUV rollovers? Instead of working together to save lives, they drove their brands to new lows. 2. Provide all the facts. The political truism “it’s not the crime; it’s the cover-up” also applies...

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A Magazine for Entrepreneurs and Marketers (14)

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