Month: March 2002

Media and War (1)

Media and War Moderator: There is no more important subject; lies lose lives. It’s widely accepted now that the lead-up to the war produced terrible failures [rooted in inaccurate media coverage] Sonali Kolhatgar, author, Bleeding Afghanistan I was invited to share my thoughts on the radio, in 2002, and that led to a career change. I became the morning host (KPFA) The horrendous portrayal in much of the media of Muslims, and particularly Muslim women, portrayed as mute victims waiting for us to save them. Right away after 911 that coverage became so hyper, as that object that we were going to drop bombs on and liberate. That image helped drive the moral impetus for the war. And then after the Taliban fell, uncovered faces that ‘we’ had uncovered. Some were being paid to take off their burqas for the camera. Never mind that Afghan women are still imprisoned, primarily because of our own policies. Many of you remember the Q’uran abuse affair, that Newsweek published. The Pentagon responded fiercely and Newsweek bowed down, even though it was later shown to be true. One point that really strikes me in the coverage of this forgotten war in Afghanistan is that the media tends to go where the violence is, not where it is building up. In 2005, it was so easy to get interviews. I got an interview with...

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How To Protect Your Website From Being Repossessed Or Stolen! (1)

How To Protect Your Website From Being Repossessed Or Stolen! Grabowski shares the three most important steps you must take to protect your domain name. By Simon Grabowski Copyright © 2002 Did you know that you can lose your digital piece of real estate, even without an eviction notice? Imagine losing everything in a single heartbeat: your business, your brand equity, your traffic and your source of income … Without your knowledge or consent! That’s what happened to many unfortunate online business owners, lately. Specifically, a stunning controversy has emerged, which all Internet marketers and business owners should pay very close attention to. If you own an online business, be extra careful. VeriSign, the online security company, is now not only a domain name registrar but also the company that runs the master domain database of .com, .net and .org domains. It’s a responsibility once held by Network Solutions (since acquired by Verisign) conferred to them by ICANN. Is this monopoly a good thing? Apparently not. If you neglect to pay your mortgage, for example, you lose your home. But this only happens after you’ve received several “past due” notices from the bank and still failed to make your payment on time. (That’s OK, since your physical address never changes.) Similarly, most domain name registrars will notify you by email when it’s time to renew. But what happens if...

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My Eight-Step Formula for Writing Long Sales Copy (1)

My Eight-Step Formula for Writing Long Sales Copy By Michel Fortin © 2002 A lot of people ask me how I write copy, particularly long copy. Of course, there’s way too much information to squeeze into one article. But I can offer a basic look at my methodology by giving you a short list of the eight steps that I take. Here they are. 1. First, with all my projects, I ask that my clients fill out a preliminary, 25-point questionnaire. The answers will provide me with some background information. Admittedly, there’s a lot more research for me to do. But at least they supply me with a place to start and, more importantly, a basic understanding of their business, the purpose of the message and its goals … Yes, that’s “goals” in the plural. Of course, there is the main goal, which may be to generate leads or sales. But other, secondary goals may include: to dispel rumors, eliminate misconceptions, answer questions, build credibility, differentiate from the competition, etc. (If you want a sneak peek at my questionnaire, I posted one online at 2. Then, I read and study their answers carefully, and I add to the questionnaire by conducting a lot of research. I try to gather as much information as I can about the business, the product, the offer and, above all, the target audience....

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That’s not SPAM, That’s My Newsletter! (1)

That’s not SPAM, That’s My Newsletter! Nine great tips to keep YOUR newsletter from falling prey to spam filters and ending up in the trash. (c) 2002 by Jessica Albon For those of us who receive way too many unsolicited emails, Spam filters are a blessing. According to Maria Gracia, Publisher of Get Organized Now! (, “filters are powerful tools for keeping one organized.” Switch to the publisher’s side of the desk, though, and Spam filters can become problematic. Before you can keep your opt-in newsletter out of the Spam filter’s reach, you have to learn a little about the kinds of Spam filters available. Currently, options range from those installed by an ISP, like Spam Assassin, to those that run with another program, like Microsoft’s Outlook, as is the case with cloudmark’s SpamNet. Spam Assassin uses a point system to determine whether or not a piece of email is Spam. The more points a particular email collects, the more likely it is to be Spam. SpamNet not only filters based on key words (free!, for instance), but also allows users to submit Spam to be blocked from other users. The other component you’ll need to be aware of is the blacklist. Most of the available Spam filters use one or more of these collections of email addresses and domain names that send out a lot of Spam. Blacklists...

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How To Write Little Tiny AdWords Ads That Bring Giant-Sized Profits (1)

How To Write Little Tiny AdWords Ads That Bring Giant-Sized Profits A copywriter shares the secrets behind finding success with Google’s AdWords advertising. by Karon Thackston © 2002 It seems to be a phenomenon. You try Google AdWords Select, your ad gets “disapproved” by the powers that be at Google, you count your losses and give up. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are two primary factors to succeeding at Google AdWords. The first is getting the right keywords. The second is writing little tiny ads. Neither is all that easy, but they can both be done. I think Mark Twain said it best. “If I would have had more time, I would have written you a shorter letter.” The point… it takes much more skill, and much more time to write short copy than long copy. Let’s go through the process together and I’ll show you a few tricks of the trade that have brought me AdWords click through rates of 7.1% and 8.0%. Step One – You would be very wise to either use a benefit or an end result in your headline. In order to do this, you’ll have to be aware of the difference between features and benefits. Start by making a list. I’ll use the example of an online shoe store. Here are a few features: huge inventory wide selection of sizes...

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