Month: March 1984

Paper…The Ultimate Technology

Paper…The Ultimate Technology By TJ Walker I am a bit of a techno-geek. I own the latest all-in-one PDA-Internet cell phone, an old iPod, new video iPod, PCs, laptops, Apple computers, VHS video cameras, mini-tape video cameras, DVD video cameras and broadcast quality cameras. I own TelePrompTers, regular TVs, flat screen TVs, and three LCD projectors, not to mention numerous DVD, CD and VHS players. And, of course, MS PowerPoint software programs on every computer. I like tech toys a lot! But what is the one tool I value above all others when I am about to give a speech or a presentation? A single sheet of paper, (and I do mean literally one and only one sheet of paper). A single sheet of paper with a simple outline of my speech works wonders. Paper never betrays me. Paper never freezes, malfunctions, gets stolen, becomes incompatible, or loses its warrantee. Paper outlines never confuse my audience (because my audience never sees it). Paper doesn’t go in or out of style. Paper does not require me to obtain an engineering degree from MIT to make it operate effectively. Paper never teases me by working effectively for half of a presentation and then abandoning me at a critical moment. Paper never asks me to strain my back carrying it onto an airplane. Paper never gets fussy just because the holes in...

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Wimpy Words And Phrases To Avoid in Speeches And Media Interviews

Wimpy Words And Phrases To Avoid in Speeches And Media Interviews You can wear the perfect suit, have great posture, and put on a winning smile, but you’ll still make a lousy impression to your speaking and media audiences if you use wimpy words and phrases. The following are words that get speakers into trouble: “It seems to me…” (obviously it seems that way to you, you are the one talking!) “I believe…” (again, we can see it is you) “I think…” (see above) “A bit” (exactly how much is that?) “Like” (unless you really do like someone) “You know?” (no, I don’t know) “You know what I mean?” (if you have to ask, then you weren’t too articulate, were you?) “You see?” (see what?) “More or less” (so which is it?) “Really” (You Really need a new intensifier if this is all you can come up with!) “Hopefully” (better to say “I want this to happen.”) “Pretty” (unless you are talking about someone who is good looking) “Perhaps” (or perhaps not) “Sort of” (sort of what?) “Kind of” (this isn’t to kind) “Maybe” (or maybe not) “Fairly” (it’s not fair) “Reasonably” (you don’t have reason) “Quite” (speak loud) “So” (so what) “Rather” (I’d rather you not use this) “Somewhat” (somewhat of what?) “To some extent” (what to what extent?) “To a certain extent” (same as above) Do you...

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