13 Benefits of Offering a Free E-zine

You can build your business by offering an e-zine! Rick Bier presents 13 of it’s benefits.

Publishing a free newsletter, paper or electronic, is one of the best ways to build a community of prospects and customers–and a relationship of trust and respect with those customers and prospects. Building such a relationship is the best way to build your business, on or off the Net.

Consider the following benefits of an e-zine:

Your ‘zine is the best way to keep in touch with your prospects and customers and remind them why they should continue (or start) doing business with you.

It will bring people back to your site every time you tell them there is something new and interesting there.

Educating and providing value to your customers and prospects is the best way to market–and a free e-zine is the best way to deliver that education and value.

It’s a great way to prove your expertise in your field and establish your credibility. Just make sure it has *great* information in it.

It can generate qualified leads very inexpensively.

Advertising revenue can make a free e-zine very profitable.

You can notify your prospects and customers of special offers.

It can be almost free to produce and distribute to hundreds or even thousands of people.

You can have world-wide reach. Some e-zines have subscribers in every country in the world.

You can deliver very timely information. It can be in your subscriber’s in box minutes after you send it.

A free e-zine can be, and in fact, probably should be, short, so it takes little time to read and not much more time to produce.

You can send your e-zine monthly, biweekly, weekly, or even daily. That means that you can build trust and that all-important relationship with your prospects and customers quickly and inexpensively.

It’s a great source of free publicity.

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