12 Reasons Why You Should Never Neglect
People Skills

12 great reasons to make sure you develop exceptional people skills – the ultimate personal success resource.

1. Exceptional people skills and the ability to start a
wonderful conversation with anyone you meet are essential
life skills. Your success and happiness are directly
related to the development of these social skills.

These skills are not optional unless you want to be
excluded from what is going on in the world.

2. In an increasingly competitive world it is your skill
with people that determines whether you move ahead more so
than your technical ability. There is a plentiful supply of
able workers but very few have great communication skills.

3. In your social life – your popularity, your acceptance
by others and the extent to which you feel valued and
appreciated depends on how well you express yourself.

4. The failure to connect with people leads to loneliness
and an uncomfortable sense of being excluded. And too much
time spent alone when you would rather be enjoying the
company of like minded people.

5. Your degree of happiness is very closely tied to the
quality of the relationships in your life. The more close
relationships you have with people who genuinely care about
you the happier you will be. And all lasting relationships
depend on good communication skills.

6. Life will always have its ups and downs. The good times
are even more fun when you are with people you like. And
the bad days are easier to handle when you can turn to
others for support and encouragement.

None of this is feasible without the ability to reach out
when you need to most of all.

7. When you reach the top of success mountain will people
even care? If you do it alone you may well jump over the
edge! True success is a team effort. You will get ahead
faster and enjoy the journey much more when you have a team
of supporters, helpers and mentors on your side.

8. Making a difference for others is one of the most
satisfying ways to feel like your time here is worthwhile.
However, positive intentions alone are not enough. You
still need to be able to get through to people if you are
to really make an impact in the lives of people who need
your help.

9. When you get to the end of your life, do you want titles
or testimonials? Qualifications, awards and a track record
of achievement are all worthwhile. Just be sure you also
make a positive impression on the people you come into
contact with. Otherwise do any of those successes really

10. In a global marketplace job insecurity is becoming the
norm. At some point you may need to change job or enter a
new industry. You might even need to move to a different
state. The only way to ensure a smooth transition is to
develop exceptional people skills now.

11. Your happiness in life depends on how much love you
feel. Consequently you owe it to yourself to have a great
home life and rich friendships with a wide range of people
you like and care about. To connect with people requires
you to have good communication skills.

12. High income professionals understand the importance of
people skills. Research demonstrates that top executives
network extensively in the organization, know how to get
people to support them and put time into fostering good
working relationships with people of influence.

Neglect communication skills and you limit your happiness
and success. And by default you give others control over
your life.

The only way to be the master of your destiny is to take
charge. Know what you really want and have the courage to
stand up and be counted.

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